Database Administrator


Lagos, Nigeria

Closing: 24 Nov 2023

ARM Pensions

5, Mekunwen Road Off Oyinkan Abayomi Drive Ikoyi, Lagos


S/he helps to take on the management and development of MS SharePoint and MS SQL Databases in the enterprise. S/He provides support and guidance for the organization MS SharePoint users, ensures SharePoint functionality, updates the software as necessary, and addresses and resolves any issues with the software performance. S/He is also responsible for the management of the existing databases in the enterprise thereby ensure maximum uptime is achieved on the platforms.


Design, configure, implement, and administer databases to be consistent, clearly defined, and secure.

Manage direct and privileged access to databases.

Plan and implement application and data provisioning.

Develop and maintain complex database schemas and logical designs.

Provide technical direction in the area of requirement definition, planning, coordination, programming, and implementation of databases.

Track and maintain all information on databases.

Proactively manage, configure and administer databases in all environments (production, test, QA, development, etc.).

Perform configuration and administration, event, fault and performance management. 

Provide support to all environments (production, test, QA, development, etc.)

Fulfil service requests and perform routine maintenance and support activities.

Perform backup and recovery activities of information and computer services, in order to guarantee the operations in case of disaster.

Proactively monitor database activity and usage and provide warnings when these reach critical thresholds.

Design, configure, implement, and administer MS SharePoint.

Maintains records of SharePoint updates, maintenance, and activity.

Provides technical support for SharePoint users.

Keeps apprised of Microsoft updates to SharePoint software.

Applies updates to MS SharePoint as necessary.

Holds training and informational sessions to teach employees how to use SharePoint.


  • Minimum of a first degree or its equivalent in a business /IT related discipline.
  • Masters or recognized professional certifications will be an added advantage.

Core SFIA 6 Skill Requirements

  • Data Management (DATM 4)
  • Database/ Repository Design (DBDS 4)
  • Availability Management (AVMT 4)
  • Service Level Management (SLMO 4)
  • IT Operations (ITOP 2)
  • Database Administration (DBAD 4)
  • Problem Management (PBMG 3)
  • MS SharePoint Management (MSP 4)

Other SFIA 6 Skill Requirements

  • Requirements Definition and Management (REQM 2)
  • Learning Delivery (ETDL 3)

Other Required Knowledge and Capabilities

  • Proficient knowledge of infrastructure design, implementation and operations
  • Proficient knowledge of infrastructure and service delivery
  • Proficient understanding of service management tools for event management, provisioning and monitoring
  • Good knowledge of enterprise applications systems
  • Proficient knowledge of database architecture

  • 5+ years of experience in Data Centre Management.
  • 2+ years of experience in Microsoft SharePoint 2016 and above.

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Job Overview

  • Department

    Information Technology
  • Experience

    5 - 8 Year(s)
  • Education

  • Competency

    - Communication
    - Time Management